Aug 15 2017


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In writing workshop this year we’ll be exploring a whole range of different genres and writing styles.  Our goals are to help each student grow and develop as a writer and to help each find her/her own voice.

Just as important, we want to be sure that those students who love to write are given plenty of opportunity to practice, experiment, and explore, and that those students who don’t enjoy writing come to see it as something that they can be successful at and can actually be kind of fun.

Units of Study

We’ll start the year off with a quick project, writing “About the Author” pieces – a short autobiographical sketch written in the third-person.  From there we’ll move into six developed units of study:

Unit 1: Narrative Craft

Unit 2: Informational Writing

Unit 3: Literary and Comparative Essays

Unit 4: Writing from a prompt / Poetry

Unit 5: Research Based Argument Essay

Unit 6: History Research Reports


Keyboarding Practice

Here are some sites that you can visit to help you practice and improve your typing skills:


Speed Test

The Typing Master Bubble Game


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