Aug 20 2015


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Reading is the foundation upon which almost everything we do in school is based. OurĀ goal is not only to help each student become a better reader (regardless of where he/she starts the year) but to insure that everyone in the class appreciates the joy, wonder, and magic of reading as much as we do.

We’ll spend a lot of time on reading throughout the year: working on stamina, improving comprehension, learning about strategies that good readers use, discussing books, and, of course, reading independently.

Within the reading workshop students will read fiction and non-fiction books and other texts, primarily of their own choosing. There will be assigned reading as well, especially within subject areas. Students are expected to read at home for a minimum of 30 minutes, at least 5 times per week. Each night, students should write down what they read on their reading log (the reading logs go back and forth each day between home and school).

Our reading curriculum will include the following units:

Unit 1: Agency and Independence

Unit 2: Non-Fiction reading

Unit 3: Book Clubs: interpretation

Unit 4: Making Meaning from Poems and Poetic Craft in Literature

Unit 5: Learning Through Reading (Historical Fiction)

Unit 6: Independent Reading Projects


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