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A lot of the math that we learn in fifth grade is very familiar to students, as we are building on what they’ve already learned… we just go a bit deeper this year.  Of the material that is brand new (such as multiplying and dividing fractions, volume, line plots, etc), we really focus on building a solid base of understanding.

Our math curriculum is divided into seven units, which are listed below.  Throughout the year we also work on basic computation, including multiplication facts.  Students coming into fifth grade should already know their basic facts, but in reality most still need some more practice.  We will be helping students with this throughout the year to try to make sure that everyone is very comfortable with this.  Students will be expected to practice for just a few minutes at least 5x per week.

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Math Units

  1. Extend Place Value Applications
  2. Operations with Mult-Digit Numbers and Decimals
  3. Principles of Multiplication and Division to solve problems
  4. Add and Subtract Fractions
  5. Multiply/Divide Fractions and Decimals
  6. Geometry, Area, and Volume
  7. The Coordinate Plane

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